About Our Firm

Public Safety Psychology PLLC has been providing psychological evaluations for public safety agencies for over 20 years. In a typical year, we will complete over 5000 evaluations. The sole focus of our firm is providing these critical evaluations – Pre-employment, Fitness for Duty, and Special Assignments – to agencies across New York State. We do NOT perform psychological services such as marriage counseling or child custody evaluations.

We currently have 13 licensed psychologists working for us, and many have been with us for the lifetime of the firm. Our home office is in Albany, NY but we also have psychologists in NYC and in Western NY. The result is an ability to deliver evaluation services to agencies across New York in a timely and effective manner.

Since 1995, Public Safety Psychology has been affiliated with Law Enforcement Psychological Services, Inc. (LEPS), owned and operated by Dr. Michael Roberts and Dr. Ryan Roberts. Through this affiliation, we have come to use the standard LEPS assessment process that is used with approximately 70 public safety agencies across the country, including the Washington D.C. Police Department, U.S. Park Police, Chicago Police Department, San Francisco Police Department, and San Jose Police Department. Our staff has had the opportunity to work with several of these agencies over the past ten years. Since 1999, we have worked with LEPS to manage contracts with several large agencies in New York State, including the State Police and the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. In our work with local and regional agencies, Public Safety Psychology functions as the sole vendor and uses the same tests and criteria developed by LEPS that are used with the large state and national agencies.

Meet the Experts


Dr. David Kelley, the Director of Public Safety Psychology, has worked in the field of police and public safety psychology since 1993. He started conducting pre-employment psychological evaluations for several local departments in his position as a psychologist with the Albany County (NY) Department of Mental Health. He began working with Public Safety Psychology in 1998, and became Director of the firm in January 2018. In his career, he has personally completed over 10,000 pre-employment and fitness-for-duty evaluations. In 2014, he became one of fewer than 10 psychologists in New York and fewer than 100 psychologists in the US to be awarded Board Certification in Police and Public Safety Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Director Emeritus

Dr. Bill McIntyre spent over 30 years evaluating public safety officers, from 1989 until his retirement in 2022.  For over 20 years, Police Psychology was the sole focus of his career.  He evaluated over 10,000 applicants and created a psychology practice dedicated to this unique area of psychology.  During that time, he was a member of the Psychological Services Section of IACP, earned his Board Certification in Police and Public Safety Psychology, and was one of the authors of the NYS DCJS Guidelines for Psychological Examination.  In 2018, he turned over leadership of Public Safety Psychology, PLLC to Dr. David Kelley.  He continues to serve as a consultant to the firm when he is not on the golf course or enjoying time with his family.