We are a group of licensed psychologists, experienced in public safety evaluations, with our central office in Albany, NY, enabling us to provide services efficiently throughout New York State.

Public Safety Psychology PLLC provides psychological evaluations (pre-employment, fitness for duty, special assignment) for public safety agencies. We assess applicants for positions such as police officer, corrections officer, firefighter, dispatcher, and probation officer, as well as incumbent officers who are moving into special assignments (SWAT) or who have encountered some psychological problems that are affecting their ability to perform the essential duties of the job (fitness for duty evaluations).

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  • A proven, time-tested process that has been utilized by numerous departments across the country with thousands of officers.
  • Follows the guidelines established by the Police Psychological Services section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Reduces your liability to negligent hiring actions.
  • Maximizes the return on your training dollars, investing in people who are more likely to pass training and succeed in the job.
  • Standardized, research-based criteria to ensure a fair, objective evaluation for each applicant.